Lil' Wayne and T-Pain Finally Release "T-Wayne" Album

Nearly a decade past due - do you still care?

- Written By Vinny Guarino

Remember when Lil' Wayne and T-Pain were two of the biggest names in rap?  Back in 2008 they collaborated on two hits "Got Money" and "Can't Believe It." Following the success of those records, the duo teased that an album called T-Wayne was in the making.  

Like many other super group collaborations - this one never saw the light - until today!  Apparently, T-Pain was going through some of his hard drives and found 8 tracks that he did with Wayne almost ten years ago.  So while you won't be hearing any songs that were just crafted in the studio, T-Wayne will serve as a sort of time capsule from 2008 when Weezy was the best rapper alive and T-Pain was a hit machine.

Peep the SoundCloud link to take a trip down memory lane.  I've only bumped the first two tracks so far but I already feel like I'm in middle school again. The second track "Listen to Me" samples Willy Wonka in a way that's completely like Wayne's old track "I Don't Like the Look of It" with Gudda Gudda.


You gonna give this album a listen?  Would you like artists to release old songs that never made it or should they just let them rest on hard drives forever?