Eminem Should Have Made “My Salsa” a Full Song

I’m 100% serious.

-Written by Vinny Guarino

With #ThrowbackThursday in full effect, let’s take a look at one of Marshall Mathers’ biggest missed opportunities in his career. It was 2004 and everything Eminem did was absolute fire — commercially and critically. This is when he decided to put on for his boys from Detroit — D12. They dropped their first single off D12 World , “My Band” and it was a MONSTROUS hit.

Yo I thought we had an interview with DJ Clue? No, I had an interview — not you two.

You remember it, of course. It had middle school lit all year. Now, aside from this track being amazing all the way around, one of the best parts of the music video was the ending — “My Salsa”- an absurd sequence with Eminem and the rest of D12 dressed like a mariachi band singing about his new single “My Salsa.”

Now, obviously this ‘song’ is a complete joke — but it was so catchy and hilarious that I was expecting a full version to come out. I wasn’t alone; I remember other kids in class thinking that it was a preview to a longer piece.

Plus, Eminem videos were becoming so silly that it wasn’t out of the realm of possibility that he would put a song like this out just to see how far he could go with things.

Alas, we never were blessed with anything beyond this 29-second masterpiece from the end of the “My Band” video. Hey, maybe it’s lost somewhere in Dr. Dre’s Detox sessions. Or it could also be tucked in some secret vault waiting for Em and Paul Rosenberg to unleash its powers to the world. With everyone saying “they got the sauce” in 2017, this could be Shady’s chance to show them up with his salsa.

By the way, I think this is a good time to plug my favorite hot sauce right now.

  Respect to Em, but this is MY salsa.

Respect to Em, but this is MY salsa.

What do you think? Did you expect a full version of “My Salsa” to come out back in the day? Would you like to hear it if it exists? Let’s talk.