GOP Reportedly Throwing A Party To Celebrate Taking Away People's Healthcare

Paul Ryan's Gonna Get Lit, Super Classy

-Written by Paul Gogliormella

So the AHCA narrowly passed through the house with a 217-213 vote.  Although the bill still needs to go through the Senate to be passed, Republicans are allegedly already celebrate.

The bill, which I go into more detail here, would make premiums for pre-existing conditions SKY ROCKET and would leave an estimated 24 million people without health care.

Vice News reporter Alexandra Jaffe tweeted that there were cases of beer being rolled into the capital.

She then tweeted a picture of the cart, but said the person pushing the cart asserted it was going to a separate place.

So it can't be confirmed as of yet, but if they do have a "party," it would be pretty disgusting.  What are they going to celebrate next, setting the record for most lollipops stolen from babies?  It seems quite evil to celebrate essentially dooming 24 million people.

I have long speculated that the GOP was evil, but this might confirm it.

Any excuse for a beer, right?

P.S Could you even imagine Paul Ryan at a party?  Guy definitely is not doing the Cha Cha slide, I'll tell you that much.

Stay tuned for updates.