Hot Salad Chat: Not All Jorts Are Created Equal

Is it finally OK to wear jorts? The HSW team has the definitive take.

-Written by Bryan Rice, Paul GogliormellaZaynab HashemiMike Lupia, and Alec Baicher


**This transcript has been lightly edited**


bryanrice16 [4:45 PM] [Bryan Rice, writer]: 

Jean shorts are just not the same thing as “Jorts”, right?

mikelupia701 [Mike Lupia | The Dork Side Podcast]: I would say they're the same, the word "jorts" just has a more negative connotation.

paul [Paul Gogliormella | Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Take It 2 Go Podcast]: I think they're two different things. Let me get a picture of what I think of jorts.

zaynab [Zaynab Hashemi, writer]: Jorts in my mind are awful. They're like denim cargo shorts. Huge pockets and wide leg and everything.

abaicher10 [Alec Baicher | Maybe Next Year Podcast]: Either way, they are both atrocious looking.


Like those are jorts.

zaynab: Wow now that's a good quality image!

These are cool though. I guess it depends on the fit and how you wear it.

bryanrice16: Exactly. they are both made from the same material, but are entirely different products. And only one of them deserves(?) to get “JORTS!” screamed at them in the hallways.

paul: Step 1 –  Be good looking.

paul: Step 2 – Don't be not good looking.



Also acceptable.


zaynab: Classic!!!!!

bryanrice16: Proud to say Dennis was the inspiration for a Halloween costume one year.

mikelupia701: Freshman year of high school, I exclusively wore insanely baggy Sean John jorts on warm weather days. I just feel the need to disclose that.

abaicher10: My Rocawear jorts were still my favorite pair of pants to this day.

zaynab: @bryanrice16 dayman??

bryanrice16: @zaynab No, literally what he’s wearing in the clip, but swap out the white tee for a construction safety vest. Just did the wide leg all night.

bryanrice16 [6:40 PM]: I’m glad we settled this