Lonzo Ball Has First Signature Shoe For Big Baller Brand.....And It Costs $495

I hate this family so much.

-Written by Alec Baicher

Everyone has heard of the Ball family by now. Whether it be from Lonzo's play on the court at UCLA or the absurdly bold (and dumb) statements made by his father, Lavar Ball. I wrote about it extensively a little less than two months ago that you can read here.

Yesterday huge news came out. Lonzo Ball was dropping his first signature shoe for Big Baller Brand. People had 0 idea what to expect for the shoe/company that is basically starting from scratch. Lavar Ball and Big Baller Brand, only representing the 3 Ball sons, may I add, was denied licensing by Nike, Adidas, and Under Armor asking for a huge deal. Nike Executive George Raveling went as far to say that Lavar Ball was the worst thing to happen to basketball in the last 10 years (I could agree.)

Phil Knight, Nike co-founder chairman emeritus of Nike did state he liked Lonzo Ball, but the billion dollar price tag was "a little steep" for Nike.

Well, Big Baller Brand finally released the first signature shoe for Lonzo Ball and Big Baller Brand. I present to you....THE ZO2 signature shoe!

You can get these shoes for....$495!!!




Okay, I hate this family to no end now. Are they kidding with this?! FOUR HUNDRED AND NINETY FIVE DOLLARS for a pair of basketball sneakers that look like shoes any Joe Shmo would wear if he/she needed black shoes for work. Get the hell out of my face with these. I have a problem with basketball players charging over $130 for their sneakers. $495 is legitimately crazy. You know what is even crazier? Some schmuck is totally going to buy these and flaunt them and the Ball's will think they are the greatest people ever.

I guess he isn't wrong?

I hate this family so much. I don't even want to know how much of a mess/distraction Lavar would be if Lonzo gets drafted by the Knicks....jk I would totally take a franchise changing point guard and deal with his psychotic dad. Still an asshole for charging this much though.

P.S. The flip-flop sliders are only $220 though!!