There’s a Secret Guest Feature on Logic’s New Album “Everybody”

One of the most respected names in hip-hop today.

-Written by Vinny Guarino

Typically, Logic doesn’t feature any well-known artists on his albums, so it came as a surprise that names like Killer Mike, Black Thought, Alessia Cara, Juicy J, and even Neil deGrasse Tyson appeared on the track-list for his new album Everybody that dropped late last night.

  Always had respect for Logic’s bomber game.

Always had respect for Logic’s bomber game.

Perhaps an even bigger surprise was the artist who appeared on the album without being credited.

Now, I didn’t get the chance to listen to the full project yet but I do know a couple nuggets of info about it:

A.) The album was originally called AfricAryan. He scrapped that title, but there is still a lot of subject matter about race on here. Any Logic fan knows that this is a significant issue in his life.

B.) The first single “Everybody” was really good. My only criticism is that it sounds like something Kendrick would do — and one of Logic’s big problems is that he emulates other popular rappers quite often.

C.) Apparently, Logic will only drop one more album after this one. On the final track, two of the characters in the album’s storyline say they’re about to start listening to Logic’s fourth album, and that it was his last release (The characters exist in the distant future).


My take: Cole’s contribution is pretty cool. It’s the last bit on the album and it’s completely raw. Raw as in un-mixed, without any special effects. Compare with Frank Ocean’s vocals on Kanye’s The Life of Pablo. Cole raps the heartfelt verse in a subdued tone as if he had just written it and was showing you to see what you thought about it. He even offers Logic some advice:

I’m actually happy he said that because Logic seems pretty conflicted with the fact that he’s bi-racial. Earlier in this same song, Logic must have rapped the same eight bars about being black and white around 13 times. Kinda overkill. Don’t tell that to one of his stans though…

We get it Logic; we love how you rap but PLEASE venture into some different topics. Cole, thanks for your clarity on the matter — maybe hearing it from one of his idols will have an impact on Young Sinatra’s creative process for his next project.

Anyways, listen to Everybody on Spotify/Apple Music/probably everywhere, and let us know what you think of it! Where does it rank compared to Under Pressure and The Incredible True Story?