Meet The Mess!

What a weekend for the Mets.

-Written by Alec Baicher

When it rains it pours, right? This week was not the best week for the Mets. Misery loves company, so here is what I had to deal with the past 72 hours thanks to my favorite sports team having terrible organizational structure.

New York Mets:

The Mets have won 6 of the last 9 (he he) and have started to right the ship for a little bit, so why do I have reason to be mad you may ask?

Let's start with Friday night. Rafael Montero started in place of Noah Syndergaard Friday because of Noah's lat injury and let me say it loud and clear, I NEVER want to see Rafael Montero pitch for the New York Mets again. Montero lasted 3.2 innings, giving up 7 hits, 5 runs (all earned) while walking 3 and striking out 4. A guy who had such high praise as little as 3 seasons ago has completely lost it. Montero has been known to throw strikes and get outs all of his minor league career. In the majors, not so much, The guy gets pounded every time out, walks a ton of batters, and leaves it up to the bullpen (that is already depleted I may add,) to save the day. Well, the bullpen and the Mets bats saved the night as they won 8-7.

Oh, and the Mets took a picture of TJ Rivera with the "King of Queens" crown given after every game. Andddddddddd there was a big black dildo in the picture. We are now all the #RallyDildo as Mets fans.

Saturday, Mets fans are feeling good after a great comeback win. All of a sudden we are notified that Sandy Alderson and Noah Syndergaard were going to address the media. Cue panic city. Turns out Noah's 2nd opinion was good, but not great. He will not throw a baseball for 6 weeks, and then ramp up to come back, making this almost a 12 week process. We won't see Noah until after the All Star break which is awful news. However, the Mets banded together and Robert Gsellman threw good enough as the bats came through and the Mets won 11-3.

Sunday, Mets fans wake up hungover to Harvey Day, as we thought we would see. A few hours before the game, the Mets announced Adam Wilk would start instead of Harvey and he was suspended because of a violation of team rules. The Mets were tight lipped about it, but throughout the day more information came out above Harvey not showing up because he went golfing during the day, got a migraine, apparently told the Mets he wasn't coming, but they said he did not tell them. The story we have so far is here where you can read it. Apparently Harvey is now filing a grievance with the Mets over the suspension. The Mets ended up losing 7-0 when a sweep would be HUGE for momentum and get them to .500

Now, listen, I was the biggest Matt Harvey defender the past few years. After yesterday, I cannot defend him anymore. There are a ton of more stories circulating that he was drinking because he was upset his girlfriend Adrianna Lima was with her ex boyfriend at the Met Gala this week. Or that the Rangers played at 3 pm Saturday and they went to overtime, and we know his love and  affection for the Rangers. Either way, Harvey's track record has allowed this speculation. Terry Collins came out and said "Matt Harvey needs to learn to make baseball a priority." That may be one of the WORST quotes a manager can give his player.

Whatever it is, I won't speculate, but come on Harvey. For a guy that wants to be a star, was proclaimed the "Dark Knight" of New York, he is really Harvey Dent instead. A two faced guy. It's really sad to see and I hope he turns it around.

All in all, the Mets are 14-16 and that's honestly not bad considering all this team has been through the past 30 games. The Mets finally get out of the NL East and play other competition (all but 1 team over .500 for the next 33 games,) so they may be able to right the ship. I'll have more on the Mets when I record this week's Episode of "Maybe Next Year" with Barstool Sports very own @TheClemReport . Will be a great episode and I'm excited for you all to hear it!


P.S. We may be getting close to this guy soon. #DontBeSurpisedBeReady