Wale Is Officially the Most Unlikeable Rapper in 2017

He makes Joe Budden look like a delightful person to be around.

- Written by Vinny Guarino

After Wale’s latest album Shine flopped last week with a projected 18–22k in sales, DJ Akademiks and Joe Budden discussed the many reasons as to why such a major label artist like Wale could do such bad first-week numbers. Akademiks and Budden pointed to reasons like Wale waiting too long to drop a follow-up single to “My PYT” and possible miscues coming from Atlantic Records.

 A shot from the "My PYT" video which dropped in July 2016.

A shot from the "My PYT" video which dropped in July 2016.

DJ Akademiks claimed that there was a disconnect between Wale and his fans. While Joe Budden defended Wale as an artist, he ultimately agreed that Wale flopped.

Turn the clocks forward one week, and Wale appeared as the special guest on Budden and Akademik’s Complex series “Everyday Struggle” to defend his self.

Instead of taking any sort of high road or trying to connect with the audience, Wale came off as hostile, uninterested and cocky.

He wore black shades throughout the entire show (which is of course indoors), he took a call from “Pusha T” in the middle of the interview, he bragged about the exclusivity of his sneakers, and to top it off - he gloated about how he was a cool football player who got a lot of girls in high school.

This is an excruciating interview to say the least. Wale doesn’t answer any of DJ Akademiks’ arguments - he merely attacks Akademiks’ character and profession.

The worst part of the whole interview is when Wale breaks down a song on the album called “CC White” where he uses a woman as a metaphor for cocaine. I’m paraphrasing but he essentially says “There’s not many people in rap who can make a song like this. If someone else made it, they’d be praised for their songwriting abilities.” Give me a break. Rappers have been using extended metaphors in their songs for a long time. Some examples off the top of my head include “I Used to Love H.E.R” by Common, “Homecoming” by Kanye West, “Nikki” by Logic and MANY more. Sorry Wale, but the idea is not as original as you think and it wasn’t executed as well either.

 A shot from Common's 1994 video for "I Used to Love H.E.R."

A shot from Common's 1994 video for "I Used to Love H.E.R."

The one thing I WILL give Wale credit for was that he was reluctant to point fingers at anyone over his bad sales. They tried to make him blame Atlantic Records several times and he refused.

Regardless, I don’t recommend you watch this episode of “Everyday Struggle” simply because of how repetitive the questions are and how uninteresting Wale’s takes on the matter are.

Surprisingly, Joe Budden was rather polite and pleasant during this episode. I think he knew even he could not outdo Wale’s pettiness which seems to be in rare form.

When asked directly if he flopped, Wale responded “No. How could I flop when I’m connecting?” It’s true that he may be connecting with some of his fans, but the numbers can prove that it’s less people than ever.