Girl Arrives To Her Prom In A Coffin

I'll Take People That Are Doing The Most For $500 Alex!

-Written by Paul Gogliormella

Megan Flaherty, a 17 year old from NJ showed up to her prom in AN OPEN COFFIN. Flaherty says she's an aspiring funeral director and "wanted to have some fun" while attending her junior prom.  She also arrived in the back of a hearse before meeting with her date, who she says was fine with the idea.

Now would I ever do such a thing? Nope. But maybe things are different from when I was 17.  Maybe having a run of the mill prom entrance isn't acceptable anymore.  Either way, you have to applaud her creativity and willingness to stir the prom pot.

Her and her date also don't strike me as the "hey I'm gonna show up in a coffin," type people.  They just look so.....normal.

But I do have some suggestions for how she could've executed better. First of maybe a black dress to really to send the point home.  Perhaps even a closed casket to add more suspense.  Maybe have her date more in on the action, perhaps driving the hearse? I'm all about theatrics, the more complex the better.

Also, every goth kid in America is probably pissed as fuck they didn't think of this first.