Kid Asking Wendy's For Nuggets Becomes Most Retweeted Tweet Of All Time

Welp, He Did It.

-Written by Paul Gogliormella

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about a kid asking Wendy's how many retweets for free nuggets for a year, to which they responded with "18 million."

At the time of the previous article, (April 12th, 2017,) the kid, Carter Wilkerson, ALREADY had 2.7 MILLION retweets.  Which for those of you not keen in the Twitter Universe is a shitload.

Now, we all remember the Oscar Selfie, which was previously the most retweeted tweet of all time, and it would appear it would remain that way forever.

Welp, not anymore, as of this morning our guy Carter Wilkerson has just surpassed Ellen and has the most retweeted tweet of all time with over 3.4 million retweets.

Here's a few thoughts.  First of all, I'm so mad I didn't think of this. I don't think anyone has gotten internet famous through an easier way.  The kid now has 105 thousand Twitter follower, the sky is the limit at this point.

Second point, this kid is still in high school, so he's no older than 18.  With his new found Twitter fame he's selling shirts for charity, raising money for those less fortunate and just being an all around good person.  It's a good thing this didn't happen to me when I was 18 because I guarantee I would be doing the EXACT opposite. Selling shirts for charity would be the LAST thing on my agenda TRUST ME. I would be busy exploiting the shit out of it for more free things. 

But hey, we don't have to worry about that happening.....for now.