Shore Bar Review: 4th of July Weekend Edition

Special 4th of July Weekend Blog For Everyone

- Written by Alec Baicher

Week #4 of the Shore Bar Review. 3 bars down already, plenty more to go. I know I told some people that a Parker House review would be this week (I really need to stop revealing my blog info when I'm drunk,) but I sat down and thought to myself, that could wait. We are embarking on the best holiday weekend of the year, July 4th weekend!

America's birthday. Red, white & blue everywhere. People being American as fuck and drinking Bud Lights and Bud Heavies. BBQ's and day drinks. The list goes on. Holiday weekends are big. Many people have off days from work, so it is an extended weekend for almost everyone.

This year, the 4th of July falls on a Tuesday. Weird day for it to fall on. Some people have off Friday, Monday and Tuesday, some just Monday and Tuesday, and some just Tuesday itself (this is cruel if this is your company.) This is going to be a LONG weekend. If you went down the shore last night and went to theme night at D'Jais, you're a hero in my book. I had to work today, but the thought of drinking Thursday-Tuesday is insanity. If you make it all 5/6 days, please let me know so I could include you in a separate blog about being a hero.

So, without further ado, your Pro-Tips on surviving a LONG 4th of July weekend.


1. It's a marathon, not a sprint- I have a love/hate relationship with holiday weekends. What to love about them: extended weekends, a lot of your friends will be seen down the shore, an excuse to drink more than normal, and more of a chance to redeem yourself if you have a bad night out. What I hate about them: the shore being overcrowded, getting in lines for the bar 2-3 hours earlier than normal, having to force myself to stay at the bar until I'm ready to fall asleep in the middle of it, and more chances for myself to make a fool out of myself (oh, it'll happen this weekend for sure.)

The best piece of advice is to realize this is a marathon, not a sprint. The second you get down to your shore house, you will be hyped up. You're ready for the long weekend, music is playing, vibes are high, and you immediately crack 2-3 beers in 20 minutes or rip 3-4 shots right out the shoot. This is what you would say...NOT GOOD! Just kidding, it's pretty awesome, but you need to know you can't blow your load the first night down the shore on a holiday weekend (literally and figuratively, HEYYYYY NOW!) You need to remember that the weekend is long and you need to be a warrior and make it to the finish line. How do marathon runners run 26.2 miles a race? They train for a good period of time and pace themselves during the race. The previous 4 weeks for us Shore House owners have been our training for 4th of July Weekend. We all come out hot out of the gates for MDW, but it takes a toll VERY quickly on you. Just remember, Friday and Saturday nights will probably be some of the best nights of the weekend, but powering through Sunday, Monday and Tuesday this week is what it's really all about. Dig deep, take what you learned the last 4 weekends post MDW, and use it as motivation to make it to the end of the holiday weekend.

2. Stay in your lane - What a quote by Lavar Ball. I'm going to use it for the rest of my life even though I hate him. But this line is so true for a holiday weekend. Stay in your lane. Now, I know what you're saying to yourself, "What does this mean Alec? Why you are quoting a crazy bald guy that the media keeps giving into for some reason?" Well, I'll tell you why now!

Staying in your lane for this holiday weekend means a few thing. Stay in the town that you reside in, move in packs of people that you want to be with, and have knowledge of the lines/places you are going to so you are prepared for the absurd amount of people that you will see. Now, as a resident of the fantastic town of Belmar, I will NOT be leaving Belmar all weekend. Potentially on Monday, but definitely not Friday-Sunday. Belmar is going to be PACKED as it is and I already have anxiety about leaving work at 5 pm today and trying to find a parking spot. It's a holiday weekend. Uber and Lyft prices will be surged and pricey. There is 0 shot I'm going to Osprey tonight to get in line at 8 pm and still wait 45 minutes to an hour and get in.  Catch me at Bar A/D'Jais/anywhere in Belmar instead.

Now, I'm not saying that people from Manasquan aren't allowed to come to Belmar and Belmar people aren't allowed to go to Manasquan this weekend. All I'm saying is if we all stay in our town and do the bars in our town, the lines will be much, much better for everyone involved.......but can't wait to see everyone from Manasquan at Bar A Saturday night this weekend!!!!......

It's inevitable people are going to cross towns to hit Bar A, D'Jais happy hour, and those brave soles that will trek from Belmar to wait on a line longer than Kingda Ka to get into Osprey, so move at your own free will. All I know is, I won't step foot out of Belmar this weekend for anything.

3. Lines, Lines, oh, and more lines! - Bars will be PACKED this weekend gang. No way around it. Lines are going to start to form 2-3 earlier than normal. Going to the bars at 7-8 pm instead of the normal 10-10:30 can get brutal. Holiday weekend I was begging people to leave Bar A at 9 pm because I couldn't stand. But that's on me, I learned from my mistakes. We're still going to have to get to the bars early, but it will be nothing like MDW. MDW is definitely the worst holiday weekend in terms of people and lines, A lot of people have different plans this weekend too. So how do you avoid the lines?

Well, you could get there ridiculously early. As much as I love D'Jais happy hour, I'm only willing to get on line at 2 pm once, MAYBE twice this weekend for it. The better option is to day drink and BBQ at your house, or go to the other bars happy hours that are less crowded. The weather this weekend is supposed to be gorgeous. Take advantage, drink outside, grill some burgers and hot dogs and drink some good bud light. Drinking during the day is infinitely better than drinking at night anyway. Take advantage of the weather and crack a cold one outside and throw on some early 2000s jams and have your own happy hour if you have to. *Shout out to my GOOD friends and avid shore bare reviews fans, Nicole Christie and Gab Alvarez for this great pro-tip*

4. Hydrate, Replenish, and Refuel - I CAN'T SAY IT ENOUGH, THIS IS A LONGGGGG WEEKEND. If there is anything I've learned in life, is that Jon Taffer from Bar Rescue knows all. Taffer recommends a glass of water in between drinks. Now, because I'm a rebel, I don't really do this. However, for the holiday weekend, you bet your ass I'm drinking water all day before drinking starts and having Pedialyte on in the morning for my inevitable hangovers. Drinking is going to take a toll on you this weekend, Don't ruin the next day because you forgot to hydrate all day and drink water at night! As someone who doesn't like drinking water (yes, I know how weird this sounds,) it's a must for me during the day this weekend. Have to be operating at full capacity everyday for top performance.

Also, with a long holiday weekend, comes a lot of money spent on food. There are a lot of ways around this. You can meal prep, you can bring food to heat up, or you can all chip in as a house for food. For my house, we have come together to buy eggs, bacon, cheese, and toast for a nice morning breakfast, and usually buy tons of burgers, hot dogs, and other BBQ foods to eat for lunch/night. It saves a ton of money and you don't need to go out of your way to go to a restaurant of wait for Fins to be delivered to your house (although, ALWAYS recommend getting Fins.) And hey, maybe a nice boy could deliver bagels to one of your houses to make you feel better.....(jk, if you are a chick and you deliver me a bagel one day this weekend, I'll buy you endless drinks at the bars!)

Refuel - with alcohol. It's a marathon, not a sprint, but we are celebrating America's birthday weekend! The second you feel better from the night before, have a drink in your hand. It has to be an unofficial rule of your house all weekend. Play beer games, sip on a nice mixie, anything! Make sure you're ready to go at all times. Nobody wants to be a Sober Sally at the bar. Make sure you are sufficiently refueled when acceptable, and make it into the bars and have a good time.

5. Be Patriotic - If you don't wear red, white, and blue for 80% of the weekend this weekend, I hate you. it's the 4th of July, Independence Day. Best thing to do is drink a lot of beer, grill and chill, and be absolute savages down the shore. BIG weekend people. Gather up your pals, make sure your entire house rallies, and most importantly, have a good time. All I need to say is you all better be ready to get down for the get down.

Honorable Mention: If you are a guest going into a shore house this weekend, YOU MUST COME BEARING GIFTS!!! A 30 of Bud Light, a nice handle of Tito's, BAGELS, some food, anything that could help the house that is hosting you!

Anyway, I'll save you all and end it here. Some nice light reading for the weekend. Enjoy the holiday weekend folks. Don't be a noob, get the answers from a 3 year shore house veteran on how to survive this great holiday weekend.

P.S. Get hyped up with the new song of summer. You could all thank me later