If These Cinnamon Toast Crunch Bites Are Real Then We Have Reached Our Apex As A Society

Written by:  Eric M. Hammer

Originally posted at TheEricHammer.com.

I saw this little gem surface on Twitter earlier this week.  Still very much unconfirmed, it made it move.  I've fallen for Twitter's tricks too many times, like the Oreo box where it's a giant tub of cream with one small sleeve of single cookies.  For the record I actually think that's a little too much, Oreos are absolutely delightful as are.  But one quick Google search and away we go this time into the land of sweet, sweet dreams.  CTC is a perennial Top 3 Cereal for virtually everyone in the world, if not Top 1.  It's universally loved and with good reason.  Any Cinnamon Toast Crunch spin-off is okay in my book.  And to think I can have these delicious cinnamon sugar bombs in 30 seconds?  That's fucking DANGEROUS.  Arguably the greatest cereal of our time, in warm dessert form.  I'm unsure that we, as a society, can top this.  Nothing else needs to be said, let your imagination take you away.