Game Of Thrones Returns In One Week

Written by:  Eric M. Hammer

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Game of Thrones is back one week from tonight.  The wait is almost over. Winter is here.  We waited over a full year since season 6 concluded. While I want to be mad at George RR Martin and anyone in a position of power over there at HBO, this is a time to celebrate.  We celebrate the return of the best show on television (Survivor excluded, obviously). There's not a single show on television that's must watch.  If you don't watch Thrones on Sunday at 9, you're fucked.  The entire office is talking about it on Monday (minus mine because there's no social culture whatsoever).  And god forbid you mistakenly check out Twitter between 9:00-10:30 on a Sunday night? Don't make that mistake.  Clear your schedules on Sunday nights.  Game of Thrones is back, baby.  And if you're still on the anti-Thrones train, you're a depressing bag of shit with no brain. Get the dump out of your pants and join us.  Here's the first of two trailers.

We have 2 mini seasons to go before Thrones exits our lives forever.  There have been rumors of some sort of spinoff(s), but there will never be another Game of Thrones.  We're getting 7 episodes this season, and 7 more next Summer (I assume) to wrap things up.  I'd be an idiot to make any real assumptions or predictions, but what should be in store is a battle for the iron throne and a war against the White Walkers.  I've never been much of a TV theory guy (mostly because I'm too stupid to form theories on my own), but any Thrones fan has to have their own storyline playing out in regard to who will rule the seven kingdoms.  With her new weapon of wildfire, Cersei is more dangerous than ever.  She also has zero children left and quite literally has nothing to lose.  She's an unapologetic bad bitch, but that may be her ultimate demise.

Gun to head, I say it'll be Khaleesi in the coveted throne when it's all said and done.  She's essentially fireproof, rendering any threat of wildfire futile. It doesn't seem fair to reward Jon Snow with the throne considering he already got killed; that's just my two cents.  Plus, he's changed.  Ever meet someone who had a bad acid trip and has been a little "off" ever since? That's Jon Snow.  At one point Khaleesi appeared to begin losing control over her dragons, and I thought Bran was gonna swoop in, control them, and start running shit.  There are a ton of complex theories surrounding Bran's existence and power, but I'll leave those for the Redditors.  Whereas Valyrian steel appears to be the biggest danger to the White Walkers, Khaleesi's fiery children can destroy the WW Army in theory (I think).  Call me dumb, call me simple, call me incorrect.  But at this moment I'll say Daenerys Targaryen will be the queen of all queens when it's all said and done.  Plus, let's not forget this little prophecy for Cersei from Season 5.....